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    Site news

    LRC Book Borrowing is Back

    Reserve and Collect

    Good news! Your College LRCs are launching a new Reserve and Collect service. You will be able to borrow books and other resources again. Find out how here.

    "30 Days Around The World Challenge" from KC Active and Sport England

    Car park exit barrier at Carshalton

    Students, From today MONDAY 2ND NOVEMBER, the car park exit barrier will be back in use. You will need to buy a token (£2) from the machine at the front of reception to exit the car park. The ...

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    From today Monday 2nd November, the car park exit barrier will be back in use. You will need to buy a token (£2) from the machine at the front of reception to exit the car park. The machine accepts coins of all values.  If you would like to purchase a parking  ‘season ticket’ that will last you until the end of term, the cost will be £18.90 which works out to £2.71 a week. You can apply and pay at the Admissions office. Once you have paid you can get a token to get out the car park until your ID card has been updated to give you car park use. This will be done electronically and you’ll get a confirmation phone call when it has been done.

    The Facilities Team


    Virtual Undergraduate Fair 13-15 October

    Poster for Undergraduate Virtual Fair - Tues 13th Oct - Thurs 15th October.

    Kingston College is holding a virtual Undergraduate Fair from Tuesday 13 October until Thursday 15 October.
    You will be able to access bespoke pre-recorded presentations from universities covering a wide range of courses, as well as topics such as choosing a course and student life at university.
    Please see the timetable on the Student Support Services page on MOODLE.

    (Edited by Karen Lawer - original submission Tuesday, 6 October 2020, 11:38 AM)

    Do you still have books on loan? Find the latest information on returning items to the LRC

    Picture: Bookshelf in Wandsworth Campus LRC

    Returning LRC books

    If you have borrowed college LRC books or other resources before the college closed in March, there are NO CHARGES linked to returns – all outstanding overdue charges in the 19/20 academic year have now been waived due to the unexpected college closure.

    Here’s how you can return them:

    If you return to study with us next year, please post your items in an LRC return box located at your college reception area, from when you’re invited to attend college at the beginning of the 2020/21 academic year.

    If you are not planning to return next year, the opportunity to return items to return boxes in college reception areas will be available from the beginning of the 2020/21 academic year and we would greatly appreciate the return of items then, if you are able to.

    If you are unable to return items on loan to you, please let us know by emailing us at moodle.support@stcg.ac.uk

    For further information about the items you have on loan, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the same email address.

    Sport Student Ambassador opportunities - enhance your skills!

    Kingston College has successfully applied to be part of the AoC Sport Leadership Academy again this summer. This means that we can offer you the opportunity to become a student ambassador. In ...

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    Kingston College has successfully applied to be part of the AoC Sport Leadership Academy again this summer. This means that we can offer you the opportunity to become a student ambassador. In addition to the established This Girl Can role, we can also offer the role of two Mental Health Ambassadors.

     What's in it for you?

    •        e-learning package that will provide you with the knowledge and confidence needed for the roles

    •        develop key personal and employability skills

    •        improve your leadership skills

    Mental Health Ambassador

    In partnership with Mind, AoC Sport has launched a new ambassador opportunity. This role is designed:

    •        to promote the benefits of physical activity on mental wellbeing as well as

    •        to support students experiencing mental health problems to become more active

     This Girl Can Ambassador

    The successful This Girl Can Campaign is continuing giving students the chance to increase the awareness of the campaign while also inspiring other females to participate in sport and physical activity.

    Your role will include:

    •        to support female students to be more active

    •        to promote and inspire other female students in your college to take part in sport and physical activity

     Sounds interesting?

    If you want more information or become a student ambassador then email us at kc.active@stcg.ac.uk

    Coronavirus Update - September

    Dear students and families First of all, a big warm welcome to you as our new academic year gets under way. Thank you so much for joining us and being part of our College. I hope you’re enjoying ...

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    Dear students and families

    First of all, a big warm welcome to you as our new academic year gets under way. Thank you so much for joining us and being part of our College. I hope you’re enjoying life with us.

    Our induction programme draws to a close during this week and our normal lessons are beginning at last, so we all hope you can see your course coming to life now.

    But it is not a normal term and you will be well aware of all the restrictions and changes affecting our behaviour as you start at College for this academic year. We have to ensure you that you are both safe and successful. We are working very carefully to balance these two requirements and we ask you to work with our wonderful staff team to ensure you stay well and learn lots at the same time.

    We have added our ten actions we want students to take to remind you once more of the measures we have in place to protect you from the Coronavirus. You will need to read these alongside our risk profile form to help you assess your own personal situation.

    We have also produced a guide to the things you may need to do if you have symptoms or you live with someone who has symptoms. This is also available with this letter.

    Please keep yourself aware of the guidance that is being circulated and take care to follow it.

    We are here to help you and, if you have questions or concerns, please make sure you raise them with your teachers and course tutor.

    It’s also important to note that some of your lessons may be on-line. We have done this to ensure we reduce the number of people on-site at any one time.

    We are confident that your College is safe and we will be very active in responding to the situation as it changes. It is possible that we may in the future have to close a part of the College, but, for now, we are running specially-adapted full timetables.

    We wish you all possible success as your start your course and hope you enjoy your time at College very much.
    With best wishes,

    Peter Mayhew-Smith Group Principal/CEO

    Welcome and Control Measures for Coronavirus Autumn 2020


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    Dear students,
    Welcome to South Thames Colleges Group.
    We are delighted that you’ve made the decision to come and study with us at the start of what is
    going to be an academic year like no other.
    We know that your time with us will be highly successful and that we will work with you to make
    sure you have a great future ahead of you after College. Your teachers will work with you over the next few weeks to agree your goals and make sure you are stretching yourself to do your best. We expect you to attend 100% of the time (whether you are at College or having an on-line lesson) and to work hard, but will support you with all the challenges you have to tackle.
    But we are also very keen to keep you safe against the possibility of Coronavirus infection.
    We ask you to do two things before you start College in a few days’ time:
    1. Please read our ten rules on the attached document . It is vital that you play your part in keeping Coronavirus out of our Colleges and help us protect our staff and other students.
    2. Please review your own risk. We have a risk profile document attached that sets out all of the possible risk factors and would like you to consider whether you need additional advice or to take further actions to protect yourself.
    We have also changed our curriculum to make sure it allows for you to attend College safely and we have specific measures in place in each part of the College. Your tutor will explain these measures to you and we ask that you stick closely to the plans we have made for your safety and wellbeing.
    Thank you so much for coming to study with us. We’re looking forward to getting the year started soon and wish you a very happy, productive and safe programme of study at South Thames Colleges Group.
    With best wishes,
    Peter Mayhew-Smith
    Group Principal/CEO

    Important, for all 19/20 students: back up your work & important emails now! Your college email & other systems accounts will expire at the end of your course


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    There is a very short grace period of only a few days after the end date of your course. 

    This applies to all 19/20 students even if you are planning to return next year.
    Your college email will be disabled: please forward important emails to another email account.

    Your OneDrive account and your Documents folder (N Drive) in your college network account will be disabled: make a copy of important files to a personal device or another location before the end date of your course, or - if that date has already recently passed - do so ASAP!

    Coronavirus update 22 May 2020

    From Peter Mayhew-Smith Group Principal and CEO, 22 May 2020. Dear students and families  I do hope you’re well and managing the impacts of the lockdown successfully. Please continue to act on ...

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    From Peter Mayhew-Smith Group Principal and CEO, 22 May 2020.

    Dear students and families 

    I do hope you’re well and managing the impacts of the lockdown successfully. Please continue to act on government guidance, staying safe and protecting yourselves and your loved ones at every step. We want everyone to come through this successfully. Please let us know if there is more we can do to support and guide you. 

    We have a number of important measures to share with you now: 

    Calculated grades
    Right now, teachers across the Group are working hard to arrive at gradings for students and have them ready to submit to the different Awarding Bodies in the next few days. The deadlines are very tight and the scale of this piece of work is very great, so please bear with us while this work is completed. This may mean that the flow of things for you to do at home has slowed down, but we will pick this up again shortly. 

    Different courses have different methods for calculating grades., but your course team are working on the right approach for you and your particular course. They will be in touch if they need anything further from you, but are now focused on getting the grades right and sent to the Awarding Bodies on time. 

    We cannot discuss grades with anyone and the controls that have been placed on this process are there to protect everyone from any incorrect results entering the system. 

    But you are studying at one of the best colleges in the country, where students pass at rates far above the national average. It is on our excellent track record that a great deal of our grading decisions will be based and this provides some level of guarantee to you. 

    Return to study
    We are going to reopen our Colleges for a limited number of students on 15th June. 

    The only students we will ask to return to College are:

    • Vulnerable students who need direct contact with College staff
    • Students who still have to complete practical assessments on-site to secure their qualification

    We will make sure you know well in advance if you fall into one of these categories and give you a date and a time for you to attend College. 

    We are sorry that we will not see many of you again this summer, but we will not be able to bring all of our students and staff back to College safely and meaningfully in the few weeks we have left. We believe that your safety and that of our staff are our first priority here. 

    However, we will be keeping you busy. 

    Every full-time student will have a personal tutorial either or on-line or by telephone to help make sure your plans for September are in place and can be delivered successfully. 

    We will also make sure that you have opportunities to continue learning if you are able to. We will provide activities and assignments during June for you. 

    We know very well that this is a terribly uncertain time for you and we want to take some of that uncertainty away by confirming that we will be using calculated grades and other evidence to award places at our Colleges for next year. We will be in touch shortly to confirm the next steps and will have a safe and secure enrolment system ready very soon to minimise direct contact between people wherever possible. 

    We wish you well through all of these challenging times and look forward to working with you on your next steps.
    With best wishes,
    Peter Mayhew-Smith Group Principal and CEO