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    Site news

    The 'How to be a Distant Learner at STCG' link has moved


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    To access the 'How to be a Distant Learner at STCG' guide, please now use the 'Student Links' dropdown menu in the blue bar at the top of your Moodle frontpage. Plus, all staff and students can access the Distant Learner guide from their Moodle 'My Courses' area

    Coronavirus Update - 08/01/2021

    Dear students and families, I’m sure you share our deep disappointment at this return to lockdown, but we understand that our local hospitals are under very great pressure and we all now have to ...

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    Dear students and families,

    I’m sure you share our deep disappointment at this return to lockdown, but we understand that our local hospitals are under very great pressure and we all now have to play our part in bringing infection levels down. We are ever so sorry not to have you studying with us, on-site, enjoying learning and your time with each other, but we must do what we can to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus. 

    First, I hope you have plenty of information about the lockdown and what’s required of you from your course leaders and/or tutors. We are all asked to stay at home and keep contact with other people to the bare minimum. Please make sure you understand what’s expected. As STCG students, we know that you’ll do everything you can to help change the course of this pandemic. 

    If you are unsure what the Government restrictions are, you can see them through this link: 


    We are now working hard to switch all of our teaching on-line and most of our courses are ready to keep you learning from home. Your course tutor and team have been or will be in touch to set out the detailed arrangements for you and let you know what work you will need to do and when. 

    It is very important that you do all you can to engage in your lessons and complete any set work. Please let your course tutor/team know if you have any difficulties doing so. 

    There are a number of other questions that we would like to help answer if possible, but I’m afraid we don’t have full information on everything right now, so please bear with us as we work to get more and better information for you. 

    1) On-site exams and practical assessments 

    We have made the difficult decision to cancel all on-site exams and practical assessments up until February half-term. We have done this because they involved sizable numbers of students and staff travelling in and out of College and, at present, which increases the pressure on the local and national health situation at a time of great challenge, as well as increasing the risk of transmission to both students and staff to unacceptable levels. 

    We have been assured by the Government and awarding bodies that no-one will be disadvantaged as a result of this decision and many other Colleges have chosen to do this; for some qualifications there will be arrangements in place to assign you a grade for your qualification based on work done before the lockdown and perhaps during and after, and, in others, the exams will be delayed or amended. In most cases we are still waiting for more details. Once we have those for your qualification we will contact you. 

    But it is vital that you continue to complete all other types of assessment and attend lessons as best you can. 

    All the tasks, assignments, tests and other activities that your teachers will be setting will support your learning and help make sure that you can progress and they may also add to your grade or qualification outcome. Please do your best to engage with your course fully and let us know if there are reasons why you can’t so that we can try and support you. 

    2) GCSEs and Functional Skills 

    Many of you will be taking GCSEs or Functional Skills courses. 

    If you are, we expect you to continue to engage in your lessons and complete work as requested by your teachers, but let us know if you are having difficulty doing this. 

    We don’t yet know how the process for awarding grades will work in detail, but we understand that your teachers will be asked to set a grade. We don’t know what this will be based on, but advise everyone to keep up their learning and engagement through the lockdown as best they can. 

    If you are benefiting from the additional English and maths small group tutor support, these sessions are continuing on-line so please ensure you make the most of them. If you are 16-18, and have not yet gained your GSCE at grade 5 and feel you would benefit from additional maths and/or English small group tutor support let your teacher know and we will try and arrange that for you. 

    We don’t yet know the arrangements for Functional Skills in detail and will share this information with you as soon as we know more. 

    3) Work and Industry Placements 

    We are not yet sure if these will be able to continue, but we haven’t yet had this confirmed. We will let you know as soon as we do. 

    4) Safeguarding and mental health 

    We know very well how much support and help our staff provide to our students and we want to make sure that it is all there for you throughout this lockdown. 

    If you have concerns about your own or another student’s welfare, please contact: 

    Carshalton & Merton College - ccstudent.support@stcg.ac.uk
    South Thames College - advice.wandsworth@stcg.ac.uk
    Kingston College - referral.team@stcg.ac.uk 

    We have also put in place resources for E-safety and resources to help you keep yourself well and positive and have gathered them in a wellbeing hub, available to you via Moodle. 

    Wellbeing Hub: https://moodle.stcg.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=25418
    E-safety: https://moodle.stcg.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=4635

    5) HE students 

    For our HE students, the situation is very similar and we are also asking you to stay at home for the time being, studying on-line. Your course tutors will be guiding you through the expectations and are available if you have any questions. Based on feedback from HE Focus groups we will be keeping HE students informed regularly and being guided by the Office for Students. We hope very much to begin reopening our Colleges at some point over the next few months, but we will do so very carefully and safely, taking measured steps at each stage to protect everyone in our Colleges. We will keep you informed and provide you with all the learning, support and resources that we possibly can. We will be working hard to make sure you progress to your chosen goal and want you to study successfully, even if you have to do it from home. 

    Above all, please take great care of yourself and those around you. Make sure you stick very closely to the Government’s guidance and stay at home as much as you possibly can.

     With best wishes, 

    Peter Mayhew-Smith
    Group Principal and CEO

    Coronavirus Update 8th January 2021.pdf

    New Moodle App


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    Support for the old Moodle App has ended and it will no longer work.

    The new Moodle app we use is called Blackboard Open LMS and can be found on the app stores for both Android and Apple devices.

    If you were at college last year and installed the old Moodle app, please uninstall this and install Blackboard Open LMS.

    A user guide is available here.

    Update on Vocational Exams/assessments - 06/01/2021

    Dear Students and Families, South Thames Colleges Group has taken the decision to cancel all forthcoming assessments and exams between now and February half-term. This very difficult decision has...

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    Dear Students and Families,

    South Thames Colleges Group has taken the decision to cancel all forthcoming assessments and exams between now and February half-term.

    This very difficult decision has been taken because we do not believe that we can guarantee the safety of students and staff coming into and out of our College buildings and to ask them to attend College now would be to place an undue risk on them. Attendance at the exams we have run so far has been low and we do not want to disadvantage our students any further by persevering.

    We have assurances from our Awarding Bodies that no-one will lose out and that grades will be awarded where exams and assessments have been cancelled in this way. We will have further detail in due course, but we will make students’ progression is protected without fail.

    We understand that there will be many who are disappointed by this decision and we do this with the greatest regret, but we believe this is the right and responsible thing for us to do.

    More detail will follow and course teams will work closely with students to resolve all of the issues arising from this decision.

    Peter Mayhew-Smith
    Group Principal and CEO

    National lockdown - 05/01/2021 (10:00am)


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    Carshalton College, Kingston College, Merton College and South Thames College are now closed to students. Only those taking exams or completing practical assessments will attend College today.
    All enrolments will now take place online.
    From tomorrow, we will have courses running for vulnerable students and children of key-workers. We will set out the arrangements for these shortly and contact the students affected directly.
    Please stay at home and protect your and others’ safety.

    Free online counselling and self-help materials to support your wellbeing

    Access Kooth.com over the holiday period

    "30 Days Around The World Challenge" from KC Active and Sport England

    Car park exit barrier at Carshalton

    Students, From today MONDAY 2ND NOVEMBER, the car park exit barrier will be back in use. You will need to buy a token (£2) from the machine at the front of reception to exit the car park. The ...

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    From today Monday 2nd November, the car park exit barrier will be back in use. You will need to buy a token (£2) from the machine at the front of reception to exit the car park. The machine accepts coins of all values.  If you would like to purchase a parking  ‘season ticket’ that will last you until the end of term, the cost will be £18.90 which works out to £2.71 a week. You can apply and pay at the Admissions office. Once you have paid you can get a token to get out the car park until your ID card has been updated to give you car park use. This will be done electronically and you’ll get a confirmation phone call when it has been done.

    The Facilities Team


    Do you still have books on loan? Find the latest information on returning items to the LRC

    Picture: Bookshelf in Wandsworth Campus LRC

    Returning LRC books

    If you have borrowed college LRC books or other resources before the college closed in March, there are NO CHARGES linked to returns – all outstanding overdue charges in the 19/20 academic year have now been waived due to the unexpected college closure.

    Here’s how you can return them:

    If you return to study with us next year, please post your items in an LRC return box located at your college reception area, from when you’re invited to attend college at the beginning of the 2020/21 academic year.

    If you are not planning to return next year, the opportunity to return items to return boxes in college reception areas will be available from the beginning of the 2020/21 academic year and we would greatly appreciate the return of items then, if you are able to.

    If you are unable to return items on loan to you, please let us know by emailing us at moodle.support@stcg.ac.uk

    For further information about the items you have on loan, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the same email address.

    Sport Student Ambassador opportunities - enhance your skills!

    Kingston College has successfully applied to be part of the AoC Sport Leadership Academy again this summer. This means that we can offer you the opportunity to become a student ambassador. In ...

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    Kingston College has successfully applied to be part of the AoC Sport Leadership Academy again this summer. This means that we can offer you the opportunity to become a student ambassador. In addition to the established This Girl Can role, we can also offer the role of two Mental Health Ambassadors.

     What's in it for you?

    •        e-learning package that will provide you with the knowledge and confidence needed for the roles

    •        develop key personal and employability skills

    •        improve your leadership skills

    Mental Health Ambassador

    In partnership with Mind, AoC Sport has launched a new ambassador opportunity. This role is designed:

    •        to promote the benefits of physical activity on mental wellbeing as well as

    •        to support students experiencing mental health problems to become more active

     This Girl Can Ambassador

    The successful This Girl Can Campaign is continuing giving students the chance to increase the awareness of the campaign while also inspiring other females to participate in sport and physical activity.

    Your role will include:

    •        to support female students to be more active

    •        to promote and inspire other female students in your college to take part in sport and physical activity

     Sounds interesting?

    If you want more information or become a student ambassador then email us at kc.active@stcg.ac.uk