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    UPDATE: Merton LRC opening times, Friday 26th November


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    On Friday 26th November, Merton College LRC will be opening 9.00am - 3.00pm.

    Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Check Your Digital Confidence Survey 21/22 (All Students)

    Complete this short survey for a chance to rate your digital confidence. Let us know what your digital strengths are and you areas of improvement.
    A few weeks after you submit your results we will contact you (via your college email address) with some useful tips and online courses about digital skills you may wish to learn more about in the future.

                                                             Accessing the survey

    To access the survey you can use the QR code in this message or use the link below (you will need to sign into Microsoft using your College email address)

    NEW LRC Online Resource: JISC Vocational Learning Resources

    We’re excited to announce that students at STCG now have access to JISC Vocational Learning Resources!
    Digital and IT
    Education and Training
    Health and Social Care

    To sign in, type South Thames Colleges Group when asked for your institution.

    Student Governor Election Results

    Student Governor Election Results

    I am very pleased to announce the following results of the Student Governor Elections.  As there was only one candidate from each of  Carshalton, Kingston and South Thames Colleges the following students are all elected to these roles without the need for voting.  

    Congratulations to them all!


    John Abban
    Carshalton College
    Student Governor Elect
    Lily Warnes
    Kingston College
    Student Governor
    and Student Member of Higher Education Committee
    Joanne Wells
    South Thames College
    Student Governor


    If any Student from Merton College  would like to become a Student Governor Elect  please do not hesitate to contact me on helen.meredith@stcg.ac.uk

    Coronavirus Update - 15th October - by the Group Principal

    Dear students and families, I’m writing again as we near the end of our first half-term of the academic year to thank you for all you’ve done to help keep our Colleges safe during this latest ...

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    Dear students and families,

    I’m writing again as we near the end of our first half-term of the academic year to thank you for all you’ve done to help keep our Colleges safe during this latest phase of the pandemic and to wish you a very happy half-term break if you’re having one.

    With your help, we have kept infection rates at our Colleges low and have seen few if any cases where the infection has been spread among our students and staff since we started back at College in September. Thank you very much for being careful and supporting us. We do have vulnerable students and staff among us and need you to continue working with us to keep our Colleges safe.

    It is vital that we all work hard at slowing the spread of the Coronavirus. Please continue to:

    • Stay away from College if you have any symptoms

    • Take up the offer of a vaccination if it is available to you

    • Wear a face-covering whenever you are in any circulation space around the Colleges

    • Keep your hands clean, washing or sanitising them regularly

    • Socially distance where you can

    • Comply with requests from College staff

    • Take regular lateral flow tests; you can get these from College

    We do not want to disrupt anyone’s learning and your efforts to reduce the risk of infection will also allow us to keep lessons going. 

    We have attached updated guidance on testing, isolation and other measures currently in place.

    Most courses are now starting a two-week half-term break and we will be back together on 1st November, although a few courses will be continuing and there are revision classes for English and Maths GCSE retakes, and some vocational areas, over the next two weeks.

    We are also keen to make sure you are thriving in spite of all the challenges brought about by the pandemic. There are wellbeing support materials available on Moodle, but also you can use additional resources available through London’s NHS: https://www.good-thinking.uk/

    I hope very much that your learning is progressing and that you are keeping yourself and those around you safe and well. Please take care, follow the guidance very carefully and let us know if we can do any more to support you.

    We all look forward very much to seeing you in November and wish you a very happy half-term break.

    With best wishes

    Peter Mayhew-Smith

    Group Principal and CEO

    PDF version with updated guidance on testing, isolation and other measures currently in place 

    Top Tip! Access your College timetable in Microsoft Outlook

    We synchronise your college timetable with your Outlook Calendar every two hours. To see your timetable, follow these instructions:
    → Accessing your timetable.pdf

    You must have set up your calendar to use the correct time zone, please check the language and time zone settings. This can be done by clicking: 
    Settings > View all Outlook settings > General > Language and time

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    Please choose English (United Kingdom) for the language and set the current time zone to (UTC +00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London .