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Coronavirus Update - September

Coronavirus Update - September

by Alan Green -
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Dear students and families

First of all, a big warm welcome to you as our new academic year gets under way. Thank you so much for joining us and being part of our College. I hope you’re enjoying life with us.

Our induction programme draws to a close during this week and our normal lessons are beginning at last, so we all hope you can see your course coming to life now.

But it is not a normal term and you will be well aware of all the restrictions and changes affecting our behaviour as you start at College for this academic year. We have to ensure you that you are both safe and successful. We are working very carefully to balance these two requirements and we ask you to work with our wonderful staff team to ensure you stay well and learn lots at the same time.

We have added our ten actions we want students to take to remind you once more of the measures we have in place to protect you from the Coronavirus. You will need to read these alongside our risk profile form to help you assess your own personal situation.

We have also produced a guide to the things you may need to do if you have symptoms or you live with someone who has symptoms. This is also available with this letter.

Please keep yourself aware of the guidance that is being circulated and take care to follow it.

We are here to help you and, if you have questions or concerns, please make sure you raise them with your teachers and course tutor.

It’s also important to note that some of your lessons may be on-line. We have done this to ensure we reduce the number of people on-site at any one time.

We are confident that your College is safe and we will be very active in responding to the situation as it changes. It is possible that we may in the future have to close a part of the College, but, for now, we are running specially-adapted full timetables.

We wish you all possible success as your start your course and hope you enjoy your time at College very much.
With best wishes,

Peter Mayhew-Smith Group Principal/CEO