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Update on Vocational Exams/assessments - 06/01/2021

Update on Vocational Exams/assessments - 06/01/2021

by Karen Lawer -
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Dear Students and Families,

South Thames Colleges Group has taken the decision to cancel all forthcoming assessments and exams between now and February half-term.

This very difficult decision has been taken because we do not believe that we can guarantee the safety of students and staff coming into and out of our College buildings and to ask them to attend College now would be to place an undue risk on them. Attendance at the exams we have run so far has been low and we do not want to disadvantage our students any further by persevering.

We have assurances from our Awarding Bodies that no-one will lose out and that grades will be awarded where exams and assessments have been cancelled in this way. We will have further detail in due course, but we will make students’ progression is protected without fail.

We understand that there will be many who are disappointed by this decision and we do this with the greatest regret, but we believe this is the right and responsible thing for us to do.

More detail will follow and course teams will work closely with students to resolve all of the issues arising from this decision.

Peter Mayhew-Smith
Group Principal and CEO