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Coronavirus Update - 17th May - Important

Coronavirus Update - 17th May - Important

by Alan Green -
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Dear students and families,

I hope you are well and continuing to make good progress through this demanding year. As ever, we are committed to protecting your future and making sure you have good, secure plans for your next steps. To help ensure this, please continue to attend your College actively and complete all of the work set for you.

As you may well be aware, we are now on the next step in the process of reopening and ending lockdown. This involves a number of elements, led by changes to the Government guidance which comes into effect on Monday 17th May.

We have considered these changes very seriously and looked at evidence relating to the spread of Coronavirus in our area. As you know, we are very intent on keeping our students and staff as safe as we possibly can and have decided to continue with much of our current arrangements at least until half-term.

 We have done this because there are variants of the virus in circulation locally; although these are low in numbers, we do not want to see any new outbreaks and are keen to support the NHS and public health teams in keeping infections rates as low possible.

 Our requirements from 17th May are as follows:

 ·         We will expect you to continue to wear a face covering in all communal areas of our Colleges unless you are exempt from this

·         We will expect you to wear a face covering in classrooms and workshops unless the lecturer agrees with you that it may be removed

·         At all times, we expect you to continue to maintain social distancing wherever possible, staying two metres away from anyone else as much as you possibly can.

As before, we ask that you do not come to College if you have symptoms of Coronavirus infection. Please continue to use your test kits to check that you do not have an infection.

 We are very grateful to you for the amazing efforts you have made to stay safe and help us keep our Colleges as free of infection as we can make them. You have been outstanding in your support for our staff and shown your strength through very challenging times. We all thank you very much for your continued efforts to keep College safe and to stay healthy.

 With all our best wishes,

Peter Mayhew-Smith

Group Principal and CEO