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Coronavirus Update - 10th June

Coronavirus Update - 10th June

by Julian Briscoe -
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Dear students and families,

Welcome to the last half-term of 2020/21 academic year.

This has been another challenging and complicated year, but we hope very much that you look forward to the end of it positively and with your plans firmly in place for your next steps. If you’re at all unsure of what you might do when teaching ends, please let your teachers know and we’d be very pleased to help you with your planning.

The end of the year will, sadly, not be 100% like it should be. We will ensure however that we make it exciting and interesting to give you the ending you so rightly deserve.  There will be a range of celebratory Graduation events and activities for you and your families to join, these will mostly be online.

The reason we are unable to celebrate in person is because we are still facing the risk of infection spreading in our area and we have to take extra care to protect everyone around us and support the NHS by trying to keep Coronavirus levels as low as possible.

In Kingston College, if you are a student there, we will be taking part in some additional measures to test everyone living, working or studying in the Borough. From next week, we will be asking everyone at Kingston College to make sure they take a full PCR test every week as well as the lateral flow tests you have been using.

In all our Colleges, we will be retaining all of our safety measures as before. Thank you for working so hard to help us keep our Colleges safe, you have been fantastic; your daily, diligent, adherence to the rules has really made the difference.

Our ongoing efforts to stay safe mean:

·         Not coming to College if you have symptoms, but making sure you have had a PCR test and wait for the result

·         Avoiding the use of public transport if you can

·         Taking regular Lateral Flow tests and reporting the result to the NHS

·         Wearing face coverings fully and correctly in College at all times

·         Paying rigorous attention to hygiene, cleaning your hands regularly

·         Supporting others to comply with our safety measures

·         Taking up a vaccination if you are offered one

It is very important that you continue to stick to these rules and help us to remain a safe place for all of our students and staff. We have reintroduced the use of face coverings in all of our spaces as infection rates are now rising again and we want to reduce any risk of anyone catching Coronavirus in our Colleges.

For those of you taking qualifications where teacher-assessed grades have been awarded these are now in the process of being finalised and we will be finishing the year for you over the next 3-4 weeks. Your tutors will be working closely with you to ensure you are well prepared for your next exciting steps. If you are moving on from College this Summer, we are very proud to have taught you and wish you well for the Summer and beyond. If you are coming back next year, your teachers will be aiming to help you prepare for that and this may mean some further activities for you over the next few weeks.

For those of you preparing for final exams or assessments over the next few weeks, we wish you all the very best; your teaching teams, and support teams are here for you, and with you, all the way.

Thank you for all your patience and hard work over this last year.

With best wishes,

Peter Mayhew-Smith

Group Principal and CEO