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College systems accounts expire at the end of September

College systems accounts expire at the end of September

by Alan Green -
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Dear Students,

Please note that your college email and other college systems accounts will expire shortly after the end of your course, at the end of September.

 If you will need access to any files or information stored in your college systems accounts (email, network space, OneDrive etc) after you have left then please remember to copy what you need.

 · Your OneDrive account (Office365) and your N Drive account (college network) will be disabled after you leave the College. Please copy any important files to a personal device or a personal storage space.

· Your college email will be disabled. Please forward any important emails or contact details to another email account.

· You will lose access to Moodle and Teams. Download any files that you might want to refer back to after you leave College.

We strongly recommend doing this before the end of your course or soon after. It is very easy to forget something if you leave this to the last minute.

If you are returning to the College next year it is still a good idea to have any important files saved in more than one place. We strongly advise you to save backup copies of important work or other key files.

If you have any questions or would like any help at all, please email: We will be very happy to help.

We wish you all the best with your next steps.

Thank you,

Your Moodle Support Team.