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For Kingston College students only

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For Kingston College students only
by mc Admin - Monday, 17 December 2018, 8:33 AM

Well done for nearly completing the Autumn Term at Kingston College. Just one more week to go and then you’re almost half way through your year!

I hope that you took the opportunity to get involved in the Employability week last week, as about 1700 of you were engaged in events and activities with about 60 external employers or guest speakers. There was really positive feedback from many students and from the visitors who were really impressed with your enthusiasm and passion for your futures.

This week is Progress Review week for many of you, so again I really hope that you are making the most of all the opportunities available to you at Kingston College and that you are on track to secure the qualification grades that you want or need for your next step towards further study or employment.

You may remember that there was an incident near to the College on 8th November and I let you know then that we take our safeguarding responsibility very seriously and follow statutory guidance to keep students safe within the college boundaries and that our college sites have very tight security processes which ensure that the College is a safe environment. After a robust and comprehensive investigation 6 students were identified as having broken our code of conduct or endangered other students through their behaviour and they have been permanently excluded from the College.

And finally you may already be aware that an Ofsted Inspector on a monitoring visit will be at Kingston College on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th December, so if you come in to contact with him, in and around the College, please engage with him as you would any other visitor in your usual respectful and enthusiastic way and let him know how well you are doing.

Please have a safe and relaxing break over Christmas and New Year and come back refreshed and revitalised and ready to learn in January 2019.

Mike Tweedale

Kingston College Principal